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Redesign publication “Some ideas about colors”

from Olafur Eliasson

The opportunity for me to came across the

original publication was when I was preparing for

my Graduate Thesis, I read an article about 

his famous art piece “Ice Watch”; it was

illustrating how he uses his sense of art aesthetic

combines with visual language to convey a

social event which is “Global Warming” transport

iceberg from Greenland to London streets. The

whole exhibition can be acclaim as the peak of

perfection as conducting a social problem and

how should we human need to rise awarness of

this worldwide issue.

Light, Color, Materials are vital in Olafur

Eliasson projects and also to be my favorite

elements when related to design, when I

discovered “Some idea about colors” I decided to

remake my own  version.

I am always a fan of designing projects that could

bring social needs and projects that could deeply

ignite your inspiration of  doing more designs. 


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