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Aristotle’s motion theory: Energeia and Entelechia.

“ The concept of potentiality, in this context,

generally refers to any “possibility” that a

thing can be said to have. Aristotle did not

consider all possibilities the same, and

emphasized the importance of those that

become real of their own accord when

conditions are right and nothing stops them.

Actuality, in contrast to potentiality, is the

motion, change or activity that represents an

exercise or fulfillment of a possibility, when a

possibility becomes real in the fullest sense. “

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After reading the article “Aristotle: Motion and its

Place in Nature” I’ve gain the meaning of

“Energeia” and “Entelechia”. Shortly explain, it

means a physical object or a subjective theory that

is in present or will be a possibility in various

forms; as “being at-work, and being at-end”.

To fully understand the main core of this passage

you have to dig the meaning of each word; like

what is potential? and what is actual? For me, I

simplify it to two concepts. The first one is:

foreground and background as in a painting;

foreground is like Energeia that is still and certain

in organic shapes (physical objects: humans, plants,

animals etc..), thus background are the negative

parts that have possibilities and uncertain

movements (when you assume you are the

“physical object” in the painting). The second is

condense the theory into a mathematic word

which is “Dichotomy”: from one element branch

into two contradictory elements which is totally

different but when they combine it’s the same

thing; thus I come up with a theory that it is like

the “X and Y axis” which is totally two different

positions but a whole theory when united.

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