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Wenqing Wang 



Boston University Graphic Design

Wenqing Wang is a graphic designer, artist, and


I’ve gain many experience as a graphic designer and

an artist, I had worked in China and in states.

I would put many hats on myself as doing design and

learning new design skills, I love learning and to

always be creative and bringing great energy.

I am professional in Adobe Creative Suite, branding,

typography, UI&UX and print design, experience of 

doing wire frame and app design. it is important

to use visual language to convey stories and

explaining the content for each project.

I had create visual system for companies and in

class rehearsal projects, I think it is vital to

reach deadlines on time and be very professional.

I could multitasking and adapt my ability to work

and prioritize tasks for multiple projects, I like

to take on challenges and show my adaptability to

the given projects and bring out great solutions.